Austria: Data medium from the administration of justice brings it to light – The killer of an official in Dornbirn is an IS combatant

Last Saturday it became known that a high-ranking female officer of the Feldkirch prison lost a USB stick with internal data. Why this data was even on the stick and was taken out of the prison is still unclear. The contents are now in the hands of the newspaper Kronen-Zeitung, which went public this morning with an explosive discovery: The brutal knife murderer of Dornbirn is said to be an IS fighter and still shows highly aggressive behaviour.On February 6, 2019, Söner Ö., a Turkish citizen, stabbed the head of the social department at the Dornbirn district authority with a kitchen knife. Actually, the man should not have been allowed to stay in Austria at all, as there was a prohibition of stay against him.Since such prohibitions without significant border controls are pure eyewash, the official died.The newspaper Kronenzeitung claims to have found some explosive information on the prison’s USB stick. Söner Ö., for example, has stated that he had murdered in Syria as a sniper in the service of the Islamic State (IS), and has also threatened to commit further murders. The official he murdered is not the last, the Turkish criminal said. In the prison, he threatened fellow prisoners and prison guard officers with being killed.The case of the “lost” USB stick raises a number of questions. In times of e-mail and military encryption capabilities, no one should have to carry sensitive documents on a portable data carrier. The case is currently allegedly under intensive investigation.Is there an attempted data theft? Were the documents taken out of the house and sent to the newspaper “Kronenzeitung”? According to the Kronenzeitung, the data carrier was lost months ago. The anonymous finder would have turned the stick in to the data protection authorities. But who sent the data to the newspaper? If it was an employee of this data protection authority, this could be another case of embezzlement or criminal action.

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