Germany: Afghan man beats mother to death in front of her five children

“Domestic violence in Oldenburg: woman died”, reports the public broadcaster NDR and once again does not consider it necessary to tell its readers who the “man” is who bestially beat the mother of his five underage children to death in front of them.

“After a suspected case of domestic violence, a 33-year-old woman and mother of five died in a hospital in Oldenburg. This was reported by the police on Wednesday. The 38-year-old husband has been in custody since last Friday. He is under investigation for manslaughter. He is accused of having inflicted severe head injuries on the woman in an apartment in the Kreyenbrück district in the course of an argument, according to NDR radio, embarrassingly intent on alleged neutrality.However, the public broadcaster does not inform its readers about the fact that the perpetrator of violence is an Afghan who fled to Germany and could not bear the fact that his wife and the mother of his five underage children had broken up with him.

“Madman beats woman to death in front of the children”, is the headline of the tabloid BILD and is much more accurate to the course of events. About five weeks ago, the 33-year-old mother of five from Afghanistan moved with her two daughters (5 and 6 years old) – the three sons lived with their father in an apartment in Leer in East Frisia, presumably also financed by German taxpayers – into a three-room apartment.The woman with the correct Islamic headscarf had always been friendly and had lived inconspicuously in the apartment building. Then two weeks ago the disaster happened: “I heard a dull thumping and light whimpering. My God, it didn’t stop,” reported a neighbor in tears.The woman was discovered in the children’s room covered in blood after the paramedics and police who had been called came in.”She had extremely severe head injuries, her face smashed beyond recognition. Police dragged the man away and handcuffed him in the hallway. The underage children, who had to witness the murder of their mother, are crying”, the tabloid BILD comments on the horror.The mother of five died in the clinic from massive head injuries. An arrest warrant for manslaughter has been issued against the man. The children are in the care of the youth welfare office.

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