Black Lives Matters Rioters Made 2-Year-Old Cancer Patient Miss His Birthday

It’s okay. His life doesn’t matter. It’s a life that doesn’t begin with a B.

I noted previously that Black Lives Matter rioters had attacked the Ronald McDonald House, where sick children and their families stay, during their Chicago riots. But here’s how they affected one sick child.

Owen Buell of Joliet has gone through a lot in his short toddler life.

In February, Owen was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma, a type of cancer most commonly found in children age 5 or younger.

He’s had chemotherapy, and he had the first of two stem cell transplants on July 8.

And even when Owen went to a nearby Ronald McDonald House, he returned to the hospital for three days due to an infection his central line, said his grandmother, Jackie Moore of Florida.

Owen has had “a feeding tube, numerous ports, bone marrow tests, stem cell extractions, major abdominal surgery,” according to The Help for Baby Owen Buell and his Family Facebook page, which Moore moderates.

So you can imagine how excited his family was to celebrate his second birthday Monday. Moore even shipped a 3-foot-tall stuffed llama to Owen’s home to surprise him because Owen loves llamas.

Except Owen didn’t get to see the llama.

This is the part where the suburban white women reading Robin DeAngelo and Ta Nehisi Coates are supposed to insert a crack about Owen’s privilege to prove that they have no soul before sharing a Kamala Harris dancing meme.

Owen and his parents, Brian Buell and Valerie Mitchell, were at a Ronald McDonald House in Chicago. The Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago was supposed to discharge him on Monday, but that didn’t happen because of the riots, Moore said.

The hospital website said some clinics might be canceled “due to unrest in the city.”

Moore said she’s upset, not just for Owen and his parents, but also for the other families at Ronald McDonald House with children who are also fighting for their lives.

“Can you imagine those kids being inside and listening to this?” Moore said.  “They can still look out the windows and hear the sirens and hear the gunshots. It’s terrifying.”

The Democrats and all the Black Lives Matter allies have a lot to be proud of.

Maybe they can spare a few dollars from the bail funds for Black Lives Matter rioters for Owen’s GoFundMe.

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