Germany: In front of his little daughter an Afghan hit his wife on the suburban train – the train had to be stopped

A violent domestic dispute on Saturday at 8.30 p.m. caused the suburban train service to come to a standstill for more than half an hour between Bergedorf and Hamburg central station. A 31-year-old had beaten his partner (30) so brutally on the train that other passengers intervened, called the police and the train driver stopped the train at Nettelnburg station.The young couple had already clashed at Bergedorf station in front of the passengers in the crowded suburban train S 21. The two of them had been sitting next to each other in one of the benches, their daughter was next to them in the pram in the corridor.

The initially verbal quarrel of the Bergedorf couple with Afghan roots quickly became louder and finally turned into violence: the man hit the head of his partner with his fists. The force of his blows was so violent that the woman fell from her seat into the aisle, where he continued to hit her with targeted blows. The 30-year-old suffered a broken nose bone, a brain trauma to the skull and a laceration to the eye.Her partner only let go of her when a young man from the group of shocked passengers intervened. He managed to stop the beating and to calm the man down. When the train stopped at Nettelnburg station, the 31-year-old was brought out of the train without resistance by the police officers already waiting there.The woman was also taken to the platform, where she was cared for by an ambulance crew and finally taken to Bethesda Hospital for in-patient treatment. Separated from her only by an emergency blanket to protect her from being seen, her partner faced interrogation by the police while still on the platform. He was eventually released, but will soon have to stand trial for grievous bodily harm. The daughter remained with her mother.The incident on the train was so violent that even a second ambulance had to be called: On the platform a 16-year-old witness gasped for breath. She was treated by the paramedics on site and finally handed over to her mother’s care.In order to determine the exact circumstances of the crime, the police force responsible for suburban railways, started extensive investigations. “On the platform, various witness statements were taken. Now we are in the process of evaluating the video material from the train,” said Federal Police spokesman Rüdiger Carstens yesterday.–aqHIsIXuJG5wn2OeClgLMqAPcLtBP-M30OIN80

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