Hypocricy of overweight Green politician who preaches salad exposed

Ricarda Lang has obviously been feasting on take-out meals for a while now. Screenshot from YouTube

The Greens in Germany have been calling for a ban on advertising for unhealthy diets like fast food because more and more people are overweight. But apparently the party doesn’t think much of leadership by example: the Deputy Federal Chairman of Alliance 90 / The Green Party was caught with a huge bag of fast food on a train.There is an “urgent need for action”, the health expert of the Green parliamentary group warned last week. For years, her party has called for action against fast food.

But the hypocricy of Ricarda Lang was exposed when a photo of her popped up on social media. Lang can be seen not only with a huge bag of McDonald’s take out, but also without a mask. Anti-Covid masks are mandatory on German public transport.

The double standard of the overweight Green politician did not stop her from counterattacking on Twitter. In several tweets, she complained about the “violation of her privacy”. This allegedly leads to “people not getting involved politically”. Women in particular are singled out for this kind of “attack” she complained. She quickly received the expected expressions of solidarity from her colleagues for her role as a “victim” by playing the women’s card.

Interestingly, she did not mention the contradiction between the Greens’ fight against fast food and her own behavior once. Instead, she posed as the poor victim of abusive comments.


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