Formula 1 racing drivers refuse to kneel for BLM

Racial ideology has hit the racing tracks, but Formula 1 drivers are far from enthusiastic. The Monaco driver Charles Leclerc is under fire from critics, but Carlos Sainz is also exasperated. He believes that kneeling has nothing “to do with being racist or not”.

Their opposition had already been noticed in the BLM movement. Now it is Carlos Sainz who firmly opposes the influence of racial politics after pressures suffered by Charles Leclerc, who refused to kneel before the start of the Grand Prix. The Spanish driver highlighted the absurdity of these pressures and denounced the treatment of the Leclerc on social networks.

According to Nextgen-Auto, the Spanish driver is furious about the campaign waged against Charles Leclerc. On Thursday, he dissociated these pressures from the real fight against racism: “What does kneeling have to do with being racist or not? It’s a simple gesture, it doesn’t change anything. It’s now more about who kneels, rather than who is against racism.”

For Carlos Sainz, the bad buzz around Charles Leclerc highlights “the pressure under which F1 drivers find themselves in the media, and the way in which people are confused about what is racist and what is who is not”. He then told Nextgen-Auto his desire was to “stop talking about it and turn the page”.

Charles Leclerc reacted to the controversy he sparked on social networks by refusing to kneel. During a press conference on August 6 at Silverstone, the racing driver said that his position should be considered “apolitical”, before underlining the absurdity of these pressures: “I am quite active on social networks and I do not accept being called names that I have been called in recent weeks, in a negative way, because I do not kneel.”

Charles Leclerc nevertheless had to clarify this point on Twitter: “It’s very sad how some people manipulate what I say to make headlines and make it look like I’m a racist. I am not a racist, I absolutely hate racism and racism is disgusting.”

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