Germany: Spitting Tunisian barber threw knives at police officers

The Tunisian hairdresser Ammar S. (23 years old) has a difficulty with his temper. He threatened police officers with murder, swung a machete, threw knives – and spat on journalists at a court hearing in May.Last Monday, in front of the Dresden district court, he laughed as he was led into the courtroom with hand and foot cuffs on. His crimes: In March and early April he committed thefts. When he was then to be arrested in an apartment on the street Michelangelostraße, he threatened police officers with machetes and said “I’ll shoot you and cut your heads off!Police woman Romy B. (30 years old): “He had a machete in his hand, wore a cartridge belt, insulted us loudly and made fun of our weapons. He threw a knife at us.”

Stefan K. (39 years old) of the special task force: “We surrounded the house. When he finally wanted to climb from one balcony to the next, we intervened. Before that he threw an old Playstation, crockery and cutlery out of the apartment. Inside we found a telescopic baton.”

Ammar S. has been in prison for three months. The trial is continuing.,view=amp.bildMobile.html

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