‘Suntanned’ man with ‘foreign appearance’ rapes cyclist in Munich

On Thursday evening, a female cyclist in Munich became an “experiencer” as victims are called in politically correct language according to the doctrine of the German left. But the 47-year-old woman certainly would have liked to miss this particular experience.

The woman was out and about in the Feldmoching district at around 7 pm when she was suddenly dragged off the bike by a “suntanned” man with a “foreign appearance” and accent and pushed into an adjacent corn field. There he hit her and threatened her with a knife. He stripped his victim and raped her. The woman did not dare to call for help because of fear, according to the police report.

After the rape, the man also asked the injured and humiliated woman to wash herself in the Feldmochinger lake and she had to hand over her underwear to him. Apparently the perpetrator was careful not to leave any traces that he thought could link him forensically to the crime scene.

The victim finally escaped and informed the police in a nearby restaurant. The rapist is said to be between 20 and 30 years old, approximately 1,75 meters tall with a “suntanned skin” and short, dark curly hair.


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