Why Muslims despise the German police

The assumption that young Muslim men in general do not respect the police is of course wrong. In Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, their respect for police officers is very strong. Because if they do something wrong there in their interaction with the officer, he beats them with a rubber truncheon or shoots them in the leg.That is the language that Muslims understand. It is understood across borders without an interpreter.An understanding, communication-oriented German police officer, on the other hand, is taken note of as a laughing stock. This is how cultural misunderstandings arise, which have been escalating from time to time, not just since yesterday, as recently in Stuttgart and Frankfurt.Such insights can even be read in the newspapers in Germany, for example behind the paywall of the newspaper “Welt”. There the 79-year-old North Africa expert Samuel Schirmbeck shares his experiences with young Muslim men with us:

“The young Muslims participating in the riots do not see the public space as their own, not as part of the res publica, but as hostile territory belonging to the infidels. For this reason, relevant rules of public order have no meaning for them, and the police deserve no respect, especially as they do not use paramilitary brutality here, as in the authoritarian-dictatorial countries of origin of the migrants. Therefore the police are not taken seriously.”Irrespective of the question of violence, according to Schirmbeck, there is a basic attitude of contempt for non-Muslims in the Islamic cultural sphere that most Europeans cannot even imagine:

“In Germany, people have no idea how fundamental the distinction between ‘believers’ and ‘non-believers’, between ‘Islamic’ and ‘un-Islamic’, is for the Muslim world. It dominates behaviour and thinking. The high praise of the ‘believers’ and the hellish condemnation of the ‘unbelievers’ is the Qur’anic leitmotif. To be a ‘believer’ means first of all to be a Muslim, a member of the ‘best community’ of all times, no matter how devoutly the member of this community obeys the divine commands in everyday life.As a Muslim you are always superior to the ‘unbelievers’, even if you commit crimes, because you remain a Muslim even then. The German police has to stand back. The permanent condemnation of the ‘infidels’ by the Koran does the rest to make integration into Western society more difficult.All these attitudes have not disappeared in the Islamic world during the Age of Enlightenment, but are still alive.”These enlightening words should be carved into pieces of wood and nailed to the foreheads of all those do-gooders who still believe that a multi-cultural society is achievable and the best of all possible worlds.


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