German churches celebrate migrant crisis as a success

The two large churches in Germany have drawn a positive interim assessment of the 2015 wave of migrants. Around half of those who came at the time are being trained or have jobs today, said the Council President of the Evangelical Church in Germany, Heinrich Bedford-Strohm.

But the clergyman did not mention that integration courses have been ineffective. Less than half of all migrants that completed one of the courses were able to pass even a basic language test in 2018.

The Catholic Cardinal Reinhard Marx from Munich told the Catholic news agency KNA in Munich: “The fears, accompanied by some undertones, that this would increase the crime rate in Germany have not been proven true. Our community is not threatened by migrants, but by the right wing.”

The two clergymen also praised Chancellor Angela Merkel. Her message “We can do it” was “absolutely right,” said Marx. But Merkel herself said that the crisis of 2015 “must not be repeated”.

Germans today have the lowest private wealth in the euro zone, the highest taxes in the world, record electricity prices and the lowest home ownership rate.

Bedford-Strohm also reported to the KNA he had “never received so much positive news” as after the EKD’s decision to launch its own migrant rescue ship. The Sea Watch 4 is scheduled to set sail in early August to bring more illegal Africans to the EU.

Vice president of the Bundestag, Claudia Roth (Greens) had previously warned against mentioning that migrants were more criminal than Germans, but the AfD member of the Bundestag and police officer Martin Hess disagreed. Anyone who still denies the migrant crime problem either has no idea or deliberately lies to the German population, wrote Hess on Twitter.

“Statistically speaking, refugees are more likely to be criminals than Germans, and about ten times as often for crimes that particularly affect our internal security.” Hess insisted that the mainstream media had a political agenda. “The disproportionately high crime rate of refugees can be demonstrated, on the basis of the data collected and listed in the police crime statistics,” he said.

“This is not rocket science at all: crime statistics show the number of suspected Germans, non-Germans and immigrants for certain crimes,” Hess explained to Berlin weekly Junge Freiheit. During the migrant influx, 80 percent of the new arrivals were young men. At that time, the AfD warned that this was statistically a group of people who were disproportionately involved in crime.

“The point is that the refugees who have come to us – mostly young, single men from Islamic cultures – are significantly more criminal than the average German,” Hess added. The AfD politician previously served in the police in Baden-Württemberg, and lectured at the University of Police in Baden-Württemberg.

In the past few weeks, rioting mobs of young men, the majority of them with a migration background, had made headlines after clashes with law enforcement in Cologne, Stuttgart and Frankfurt am Main. The police were often violently attacked.

Worse still, the Berlin police record an average of around a dozen sexual offenses… every day. From March 1 through July 7 this year, officials recorded more than 1 600 cases of sexual harassment, rape, pornography and assault, according to a parliamentary response to MP Marcel Luthe (FDP). In the case of rapes in particularly serious cases – if they were particularly humiliating or gang rapes – the majority were foreign suspects (54 percent). The migration background of German suspects was not specified, suggesting the numbers may even be higher.

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