Germany: After the first crime he was released – Afghan man allegedly raped two girls (11, 13 years old)

It’s hard to believe: the man (23 years old), who is said to have raped a 13-year-old girl in Dortmund on Friday, has apparently committed rape a month before!

The Afghan man is said to have raped an eleven-year-old girl on June 20, again in Dortmund. “It was a similar incident”, public prosecutor Börge Klepping confirmed the earlier crime when asked by the newspaper BILD. He did not want to give details in order to protect the now twelve-year-old victim.

Shortly after the crime, the man was arrested, but was released from custody on July 3 after only twelve days, on condition that he had to report to the authorities. Reason: no flight risk.

The public prosecutor: “He had previously been known for a narcotics related crime, but not in connection with sexual offences. He has a fixed abode and therefore had no reason to be in danger of absconding.”

On Friday, the Afghan, who has a temporary residence permit, then lured a 13-year-old girl into a hallway and raped her as well. Because the girl gave a good description of the perpetrator, her tormentor could be caught in the night to Saturday.Prosecutor Klepping: “He is in remand for serious sexual abuse in unity of crime with rape.”

4 thoughts on “Germany: After the first crime he was released – Afghan man allegedly raped two girls (11, 13 years old)

  1. When you import the third world you get third world problems. These are not nords who will patiently wait for prosecution.

    In America we have the highest incarceration rate because browns do this stuff whenever you show compassion.


  2. EDUCATE yourself,SOCIETY,YOURS children about CRUELTY OF MUSLIMS CUMMUNITY majority we can see in UNIVERSE.
    No MERCY or EXCUSE ONLY rejection and ignorance is BEST WEAPON for (HINDUS) citizens.
    Reject ALL TYPES OF BUSINESS communications WITH THAT community for YOURS VALUABLE FAMILY’S safety SAKE.

    NONE IS smaller than me.


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