WATCH: Protester against the muezzin call arrested in Herford, Germany

Because he has been protesting for four weeks against the Ditib Muezzin call for the Caliphate by the Ditib mosque in the Hanseatic city of Herford, East Westphalia, armed with pot and cooking spoon, Marcel Bauersfeld has now been taken into police custody. Meanwhile, the mainstream media is participating at most in the destruction of the courageous protester. The AfD filmed the state repression. Now that more and more communities in Germany are approving the muezzin call, lawyer Ralf Höcker advises against it. (see tweet below)

Now that his cowbell has been confiscated by the police and is currently in the hands of the Bielefeld public prosecutor’s office, 37-year-old Marcel Bauersfeld took a spoon and a pot to protest against the muezzin squawking of the Ditib mosque for the second time last Friday. The mayor and Social Democrat Tim Kähler, who is in office in Herford, had quietly and secretly given the Islamic community permission to make a weekly muezzin call.According to a spokesperson for the Bielefeld public prosecutor’s office, the 37-year-old has been charged. In the view of the public prosecutor’s office, Bauersfeld’s protest is considered a disturbance of religious practice. The public prosecutor’s office wants to decide in the next few weeks whether the charges will be brought or whether the investigations against a charge will be discontinued, according to the newspaper “Westfalen-Blatt”, which writes uncritically and compliantly against Bauersfeld and calls his protest a “grotesque spectacle”.The newspaper seems to openly welcome the arrest of the lone fighter and his placement in a police van. The newspaper refers to the alleged research results of the “Kollektiv OWL” – an openly left-wing extremist antifa group.

3 thoughts on “WATCH: Protester against the muezzin call arrested in Herford, Germany

  1. Why are people in this evil world siding with and appeasing islam when in fact they should oppose the evident evils of islam so they do not flourish this is why the killings of the ‘infidel’ and the rapes of 100s of 1000s of women and children by muslim men continue?? TO NOT OPPOSE THE EVIL through the fear of ‘racism’ and ‘islamophobia'(which are simply a lie-GOT THAT!!) IS EVIL AND DECEITFUL IN ITSELF. ISLAMS GOD DOES NOT EXIST WHAT DO YOU THINK THE GREAT CREATOR(THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY) THINKS?? lt is no wonder his wrath is coming for this evil earth and islam especially!! DO YOU SIMPLE PEOPLE OUT THERE GET IT!!??


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