Germany: Rioting Africans biting off a passenger’s finger on the suburban train

In the course of an argument last Thursday evening in a suburban train of the S2 line, a 27-year-old man bit off part of the finger of a 41-year-old passenger. According to the current state of knowledge, an initially verbal altercation took place between the 41-year-old and two 27- and 23-year-old men around 10:45 p.m. during the ride in the direction of Schorndorf. The reason for this is said to have been that the two Nigerian citizens, who were presumably intoxicated, had previously harassed several previously unknown passengers on the train.Since the two young men apparently reacted violently to the man intervening and are said to have molested other passengers, the 41-year-old, with the help of several currently unknown passengers, tried to get the 23- and 27-year-old men off the train at the later stop of the suburban railway in Stetten-Beinstein. During this, a physical confrontation broke out on the platform, in the course of which the 27-year-old allegedly bit the 41-year-old’s finger and stomach. An alarmed patrol of the state police arrested the suspect, who was already known to the police, and his younger companion on the spot and handed them over to federal police officers.As a result of the bites, the victim suffered a slight wound on his stomach and also lost part of his right index finger. Rescue workers took him to hospital for treatment of the wounds. Those who were provisionally arrested each carried light abrasions. As part of the investigation into the suspicion of dangerous bodily injury, the federal police are now looking for other possible victims and witnesses who can provide relevant information about the incident. These witnesses are requested to contact the police by calling +49711870350.

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