Düsseldorf Mayor criticized after Farid Bang video

Despite massive criticism, the Mayor of Düsseldorf Thomas Geisel (SPD) had a video of the controversial rapper Farid Bang published with an appeal for respect for the corona rules. However, Geisel decided not to publish a second video, in which the mayor wanted to appear together with the Düsseldorf rapper. He knew that Farid Bang was a “very controversial figure,” said Geisel on Wednesday. “I think some of what he did is disgusting.” But the musician regretted his earlier lyrics.

The anti-Semitism commissioner of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, sharply criticizes the 34-year-old musician’s choice for a public project. “There is no place for what Farid Bang represents in public and democratic life in North Rhine-Westphalia,” said the state commissioner. The rapper propagated anti-Semitism and provoked with violence-glorifying and misogynistic texts, said Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger of the “Rheinische Post”. She spoke of a fatal sign of Jewish life in Germany.


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