Swedish mother of three brutally attacked by migrants, slams Swedish prime minister

Victim Rebecca Andersson shares photos the injuries she sustained during an attack from migrants. Facebook

While trying to enjoy a night out with their husbands, 24-year-old Rebecca Andersson and her sister were brutally beaten by a gang of immigrants in central Uppsala on Saturday night when they were on their way home from a restaurant.

The young mother of three described the incident on Facebook and shared photos of her battered body in a post that has been shared tens of thousands of times. In the message, she also mocked the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, writing, “Please share [my post], so maybe it will reach Löfven how safe Sweden is.”

On Friday night, Rebecca Andersson said she and her husband Fredrik hired a babysitter so that they together with Rebecca’s sister and her husband could go to a restaurant together for a night out. After playing shuffleboard, they were heading home a couple of hours later when they were brutally attacked by an immigrant gang.

“My friend and I went a little behind and talked and the girls went a bit ahead,” told Fredrik Andersson told Swedish newspaper Fria Tider.

In Rebecca Andersson’s Facebook post, she said out of the blue, one member of a group of young men called her and her sister “twats”.

When her and her sister asked why he would call them like that, the attacker became aggressive.

“I beat girls and I come from Gottsunda,“ the man answered.

The aggressive man then launched a furious attack against the women whose husbands were walking behind them when the attack started.

“I remember blows and kicks against me and my sister’s head,” Rebecca wrote on Facebook.

Fredrik and the other man immediately hurried forward to intervene against the violent man, but then the attacker had a number of men join him in attacing the group.

“Suddenly, three or four people pulled up in a car and were coming, taking off their belts. They started beating on us instead of our spouses,“ said Fredrik Andersson.

According to Fredrik, the gang of immigrant men who attacked them were in their 20s and looked like they came somewhere from the Middle East.

“They were not totally dark-skinned, but of some foreign descent for sure,“ he added.

The abuse was stopped fairly quickly thanks to the fact that security guards saw what was happening and came out running to help.

The police confirmed that they were alerted to an assault in central Uppsala on Saturday night involving two women beaten by a gang.

“As far as we know, the police detained three. They also told my husband that we were lucky we weren’t stabbed, so they obviously had knives with them,“ concluded Rebecca Andresson on Facebook.

Responding to Rebecca’s post on Facebook, a number of women voiced outrage over the incident in the comments.”Disgusting, f**king disgusting… I hope they get what they deserve, and then I do not mean Sweden’s cowardly legal system without someone taking the law into their own hands! Get well soon,” said Denise Hallen. 


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