UPDATE: Video – A new case of car jihad ? Car races across the crowded beer garden of a restaurant in Coesfeld, Germany


Police are searching for a “dark-skinned” driver.

In a state of shock, the guests of the restaurant were standing on the sidewalk. A crying, completely dissolved woman is being comforted. A man tries to calm her down, repeating over and over: “Nothing happened, nothing happened.”

A wild chase across the Coesfeld pedestrian zone almost ended in disaster on Friday evening. Fleeing from the police, a car raced into the outside tables of a restaurant. It passed the visitors by a hair’s breadth! It was like scenes from an action movie.

Today around 7 pm a police car squad wanted to check a dark small car with Warendorf license plates. “The car fled from the control at excessive speed through the pedestrian zone,” said a police spokesman.

An eyewitness video shows the unbelievable moments. At first only the siren of the police car chasing the black Fiat Punto through the narrow streets of the city can be heard. Suddenly, the small car with squealing tires turns the corner and races full speed through the external catering facilities, where many guests are just about to enjoy a cosy evening.

A loud bang as the car hits a flower pot and tables. Two people are slightly injured by flying parts.

The kamikaze driver continues to race on unmoved. Later he rams two parked cars, “in one case a child could only rescue itself by jumping to the side,” according to the police.The men in the patrol car stopped the pursuit at the restaurant and took care of the outraged people. Many were in a state of shock.

At the same time, a large-scale manhunt is being conducted, and a police helicopter is also being deployed. Initially without success.

“A homicide squad was set-up in the evening”, senior public prosecutor Dirk Ollech told tabloid BILD.

On the basis of witness statements, a 29-year-old man from Coesfeld could be identified as the driver, the public prosecutor’s office reported on Saturday afternoon. Ollech: “He was summoned to the presidium by phone by us and according to initial statements he denies having driven the vehicle.” So far, the man has not been present at the police station. “We’re still searching for him.”

The damaged car was investigated and seized on Saturday morning. It is not registered, the license plates were reported stolen. According to the public prosecutor’s office in Münster, the police also have the eyewitness video. The investigation is still ongoing.


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