Germany: Rapper of Turkish origin admitted to hospital with gunshot wound

The police were called on Thursday afternoon around 4 pm: The hospital in Darmstadt reported a patient with a gunshot wound. A 34-year-old man had been taken to hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries, the police department of Southern Hesse confirmed the incident. On Friday noon, the police also reported that there were indications that the injured man had inflicted the gunshot wound on himself. The officers still did not give any further details.

According to information of the broadcasting station Hessischer Rundfunk, the injured person is the Offenbach rapper Haftbefehl (in English language “arrest warrant”). Aykut Anhan, his civil name, accidentally shot himself in the lower leg after a stay in the Frankfurt train station district. The crime apparently took place under the influence of drugs and alcohol.According to a police spokeswoman in Darmstadt, the investigation is continuing. The patient behaved “extremely uncooperative”. During the evening hours, the police officers also searched his home address and a bar in the Darmstadt-Dieburg district. However, they found no evidence.For the rapper Haftbefehl, the shot could have consequences beyond the hospital stay. In principle, in case of self-injury, investigations for violation of the weapons law could be considered, the public prosecutor’s office in Darmstadt announced upon request. However, the spokesperson did not want to comment on the specific case.It is also unclear why Haftbefehl first went to hospital in Darmstadt. He remains in the hospital for inpatient treatment. It has not yet been determined whether his appearance at a drive-in cinema show in Karlsruhe, planned for July 24, is in jeopardy.The Turkish-born Haftbefehl, born in 1985 in Offenbach, has influenced the German street rap like no other. The newspaper FAZ called him the “hero of all decent and meaningful middle-class children” in 2014 for the release of his highly praised album “Russisch Roulette”.(in English language “Russian roulette”). This year his new work DWA (“Das Weiße Album”) followed.Because of his strong attachment to his hometown, there was recently a petition in the course of the colonialism debate to rename the street Bismarckstraße in Offenbach after Haftbefehl. The municipality of Offenbach has now distanced itself from this. A municipal spokesperson said on Friday that the issue had been dealt with in detail. However, there were no actual plans to rename the street Bismarckstraße.,haftbefehl-schuss-100.html

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