Portland Sacked by Barbarians

Antifa is considered a terrorist group because it employs violence in pursuit of political power. What will happen if they attain it? Portland suggests the answer. Thanks to fellow travelers like Mayor Ted Wheeler, Antifa wields almost as much power there as Black Lives Matter does at the New York Times. The city has been sacked by barbarians — or as the liberal media calls them, “peaceful protesters.”

Antifa brownshirts have been wreaking havoc for 6 weeks straight:

[L]ocal businesses have reported $23 million in losses due to looting and rioting that have gripped its downtown area since the end of May.

Demonstrators have been seen lighting mattresses on fire and setting off fireworks in the streets.

Lacking serious opposition, leftist goons grow ever more aggressive:

Just this weekend, a federal officer protecting a closed courthouse was struck in the head and shoulder with a hammer as protesters attempted to break down the court’s door. The courthouse suffered an estimated $50,000 in damages, according to KGW.

Have a look at the hammer. That was attempted murder. I’m no lawyer, but I would guess that assault with the intent to kill when the victim is a federal officer performing his duties qualifies as insurrection, especially given that Antifa openly advocates overthrowing our system of government. Pace the media, this is not “protest.” It is violent revolution.

Federal officers have had to be deployed to defend federal properties, because having succumbed to liberalism, local officials will not maintain public order. Wheeler has predictably sided with the rioters.

Fueled by the liberal establishment’s support of Black Lives Matter, the situation will continue to escalate until federal authorities employ lethal force. When they do, the media will eagerly exploit it to create pro-rioter propaganda.


Deputy Police Chief Chris Davis … pledged support for the Black Lives Matter movement…

Signaling submission is not an effective means of warding off bullies.

The collapse of law and order has had the same effect on crime rates that we have seen elsewhere:

Portland witnessed a 380 percent increase in shootings over the past year. Five homicides occurred within a 24 hour period this weekend.

You can do the same thing to your own town. Just keep voting Democrat.

Conservative Resurgence has more on how the situation in Portland has been deteriorating:


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