A German defends himself against Afghan thugs and is therefore facing investigation proceedings

A few days ago another incident took place in which we had to make everyday arrangements with migrants. The location was Hennigsdorf in the state of Brandenburg. A so-called “cultural conflict” broke out in a station tunnel, a German dared to reprimand two Afghans for loud music.The guests from the Hindu Kush didn’t hesitate for long and got rowdy, with one of the guests giving the “one who has been living here for a longer time” (this is how Chancellor Angela Merkel calls “ethnic Germans”) a lesson in combat power.

The rebellious German defended himself with ” defence spray” in the emergency situation and got a preliminary investigation for “serious” bodily injury.

This is the wording of the police report on the incident:

A 20-year-old as well as a 23-year-old Afghan man were in the station tunnel on Monday ( July 13, 2020) around 4.45 pm and were listening there very loud music. A 33-year-old German approached the two Afghans and told them to turn down the music. The Afghans then bullied the German and the 20-year-old punched the German in the face.The 33-year-old took a defensive spray and sprayed it against the Afghans. He then escaped and called the police. A charge of assault was filed against the 20-year-old, and an investigation was initiated against the 33-year-old for dangerous bodily harm. The Afghans were treated as outpatients on site by paramedics.


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