Stuttgart riots: police apparently does family tree research

Literally a few weeks after the riots in Stuttgart, police chief Frank Lutz is considering publishing the suspects’ family trees, according to a media report. The chief of staff of the Stuttgart police announced that investigators would also find out the exact origin of the suspect from a German passport through the district office,Stuttgart newspaper“Thursday night at the local council.

At the request of the CDU, Lutz reported on the current state of unrest on June 21.

Clashes broke out again in the capital of Baden-Württemberg on Saturday night. Several people were temporarily arrested. More than 200 officers were also stationed in central Stuttgart.

Among other things, a 16-year-old drunk boy resisted after a check and suffered minor injuries to four police officers. Another man was seriously injured in another fight.

In mid-June, heavy riots in Stuttgart made headlines across the country. Hundreds of people were outraged in the city center and attacked police officers. Forces were thrown at them with bottles and stones, and a number of businesses were looted. On Sunday night, Stuttgart remained calm.

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