German domestic intel report faked to target AfD

On Thursday, German spy chief Thomas Haldenwang – an adherent of Chancellor Merkel’s CDU party – and Interior Minister Seehofer presented the domestic intelligence report for 2019. Their key message was that the greatest danger comes from the right-wing.

In order to be able to prove this statistically, a ruse was used and, without closer inspection, 7000 members of “the wing” were included and 1 600 members of the AfD’s youth movement Junge Alternativen were declared blanket right-wing extremists.

Der Flügel [German for “the wing”] is a dissolved faction within Germany’s Alternative for Germany, the largest opposition party. The group was led by Björn Höcke and Andreas Kalbitz. Following the request by the AfD executive board the faction was dissolved by the end of April 2020, and the group’s online presence went offline.

The fact remains that radical Islam actually poses a far greater danger: last year the Federal Attorney General initiated more than 60 percent of all investigative proceedings against this threat; there are 15 times more threats from radical Islamic than from conservatives.

The danger that Islam poses is deliberately being minimized so that government parties do not have to answer for their policies of mass immigration and the associated dangers to domestic security.

The AfD, which has denounced these abuses, is being discredited by the assessment of the domestic spy agency, and the government is thus protected from criticism.

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