Violent Arab criminal escapes from a German police special force

Major operation at dawn. Heavily armed Special Forces (SEK) policemen stormed an apartment in Delitzsch near Leipzig this Thursday. They wanted to arrest a man for attempted manslaughter. But 25-year-old Aymen Abidi escaped, presumably via the balcony on the fourth floor.

Looking back: On April 9, shots were fired on Leipzig’s street Eisenbahnstrasse. The SEK moved in, dozens of policemen were searching for the shooter. About an hour later they found not the perpetrator, but his victim. A Serb (57 years old) was found bleeding and with severe injuries to his neck near the crime scene. According to the current state of investigation, he is said to have been an accidental victim. It was therefore not intended to injure the 57-year-old.

The perpetrator remained in hiding for the time being. The investigation now led to Delitzsch and Aymen Abidi. On Thursday morning, the special task force finally took up position in front of an apartment on the street Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße.

They came through the door shortly after 6 am. However, the elite unit had apparently forgotten to secure the back of the building. Police spokeswoman Sandra Freitag: “Three men were found in the apartment. The man they were looking for was not there. He probably escaped via the apartment’s balcony.A public manhunt is now underway for the suspected gunman. Aymen Abidi is about 1.80 meters tall, athletic and North African phenotype. He has short black hair, speaks Arabic. In the morning he was dressed in red knee-length shorts (white side stripes) and a dark long-sleeved top. When he ran away that day, Abidi was barefoot.

Police spokeswoman Freitag: “The police currently have no indications that the suspect is armed. However, due to the crime on April 9th, it cannot be ruled out that he might be armed and prepared to use violence.”

Meanwhile, a tracker dog has been put on the suspect. The manhunt continues.

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