Will the US replace Christopher Columbus with Nancy Pelosi?

by Giulio Meotti

The Church of England has replaced a classical Jesus with a black Jesus. The painting was installed not in some London museum for snobby bourgeois, but in the altar of the famous cathedral of St. Albans, the oldest and most continuously active Christian place of worship in the UK.

Ever since the leaders of Western Christianity completely lost the light of reason (and of faith), they have only seen black.

But all these lying and hypocritical affected demonstrations of anti-racism tell us more, they tell us that Western societies are overwhelmed by a frightening weakness and an epidemic of cultural disgust for their own civilization. There is no opposition to this chaos. These enemies want to bring the West into submission by imposing on it a representation that is absolutely foreign to our history. They will, if this goes on, overwhelm us.

“Tear down the statues of Jesus” since he is a white supremacist, said Shaun King of Black Lives Matter. Did it not make you laugh?

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, leader of the Church of England, welcomed the idea and said we must rethink the white Jesus and that the statues in the Canterbury Cathedral will be reviewed.

The most dangerous barbarians are not those who demolish the monuments of Western history and culture. The most dangerous are the ones who should be guarding them. They hate their civilization so much that they will leave nothing standing.

In the US, the most grotesque manifestation of this self hate is the story of Columbus, Ohio. The city just evicted a 16-foot bronze statue . . . of Christopher Columbus. “For many people in our community, the statue represents patriarchy, oppression and divisiveness”, said Mayor Andrew Ginther. A petition with 118,000 signatures— an eighth of Columbus’s population— suggested they rechristen the city “Flavortown”.

Where do these stupid Americans think the name “America” came from? From Amerigo Vespucci, the Italian navigator and explorer. Maybe, he, too, was a white supremacist? And Columbia University? And the southern nation of Colombia?

This fury shown in ransacking the emblematic monuments of the history of the Western world, attached to that of colonial domination, is aiming at destroying roots and traditions. It is the result of a declining society which celebrates repentance and minorities, the collapse of the teaching of history, literature, philosophy and science, a result of political and intellectual decline.

I have a tip for the city of Columbus and Columbia University which are willing to forget where they come from: replacing the statue of Columbus with that of a kneeling Nancy Pelosi. She is the perfect Italo-American for the new US socialist, multicultural and woke republic.


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