German top-selling paper slams Bundestag for ‘grotesque’ attack on Israel

The mass-circulation Bild paper blasted the German parliament on Friday for its condemnation of the Jewish state for seeking to exercise sovereignty over disputed parts of the West Bank.“Commentary on the decision against Israel’s policy: You treat friends differently,” read the headline of the editorial by Louis Hagen.

The Bundestag (Germany’s federal parliament) is believed to have only singled out one territorial dispute—the Israeli-Palestinian conflict—from well over 100 nation land conflicts across the globe.“The Bundestag discussed internal borders in Israel. It is grotesque. Because the outcome of the debate was already certain. The Bundestag presents Israel as a threat to stability in the Middle East. It warns that Israel’s actions have ‘significant effects on the peace process,”’ wrote Hagen.“What peace does Israel endanger? There is no peace in the Middle East that could be endangered,” he added. “As long as Hezbollah, Iran, Hamas and all the other neighbors from Syria to Jordan want to more or less wipe the Jewish state off the map. As long as the ‘moderate’ Palestinian government in the West Bank pays terrorists life-long pensions.”The editorial declared that “unfortunately, we only hear the voice of the German Bundestag when it comes to criticizing Israel. Human rights violations by the Palestinians, in Iran, in Syria, in Egypt – one hears very little of that.”The Bundestag resolution was unanimously supported by German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition government of the Christian Democratic Union, Christian Social Union, and Social Democratic party. The Free Democratic Party also joined the anti-Israel resolution while the Left party and the Green party sought tougher measures against the Jewish state.

The Bild editorial wrote: “Who benefits from what the Bundestag is doing? Israel – no. The Palestinians, who have been ruled by a despot for 15 years – neither.””We needed a clear commitment to our deep friendship and solidarity with the only democracy in the Middle East. What has now been decided is an embarrassing pretense and not a friendly act. Friends are treated differently,” the editorial concluded.The Bundestag has not condemned Turkey for its occupation of North Cyprus, China for its occupation of Tibet, and Russia for its annexation of Crimea.Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told The Jerusalem Post that the “Bundestag will add its united voice-minus a far right party- to express grave concerns over any extension of Israeli sovereignty.So to Chancellor Merkel’s government and the EU leadership I say: Iran is working to actuate its genocidal rhetoric for a ‘Final Solution’ to destroy Israel. In plain language it’s pursuing a future genocide of the Jewish nation. German Intelligence just released a report confirming Tehran regime’s deep animus towards Jews and deep involvement in stirring up antisemitism, including in Germany.”The far-right party Cooper referenced is the Alternative for Germany party that did not vote for the anti-Israel resolution. The Post first reported on the Berlin intelligence document noting that Iran’s regime is a chief state-sponsor of antisemitism and hatred of Israel.Cooper added that “other than mouthing ‘Never Again’ on Holocaust Memorial Day events, has there been any wall-to-wall consensus in the Bundestag to sanction the Ayatollah for his genocidal, Holocaust denying regime? How about national consensus to actually combat growing antisemitic hate and extreme anti-Israel rhetoric from the far-right, far-left and Islamists, beyond just tabulating the numbers?”“I leave it to Israelis to decide on ‘annexation.’ Since Germany continues to fund UNWRA’s anti-peace curriculum, continues to send checks to corrupt pay-to-slay Palestinian Authority, continues to overwhelmingly vote against Israel during the Merkel Administration at the UN, Germans will have to excuse us if we don’t embrace such blatant hypocrisy and double standards,” Cooper noted.

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