His asylum application was rejected 21 years ago: Why is this Afghan rapist still in Germany?

Assault, theft, two years imprisonment for child abuse – Hamid A. (47 years old) already has 25 records in his criminal file. The Afghan was sentenced on Thursday to four years in prison for his last crime, the rape of a senior citizen in Delitzsch. However, the man should not have been allowed to be here any longer.

According to research by the tabloid BILD, his asylum application had already been rejected 21 (!) years ago, on April 29, 1999. But deportation? Nope!

Instead, the responsible Central Immigration Office (ZAB) in Chemnitz issued a toleration order – and extended it 12 times. The last toleration expired in November 2019. About two months later, on January 9th, he attacked Christiane B. (83 years old) while he was drunk (2 per thousand) at a railway underpass in Delitzsch, pushed her to the ground and raped the elderly woman.

While the ZAB is still examining a BILD inquiry on this matter, Peter Hartmann, the public defender of A., provides a possible reason: “He simply does not have any kind of papers.

Before the trial A. had given different aliases and dates of birth. A court spokesman: “Sometimes he claims he is an orphan and a bomb tore his parents apart. “Suddenly he has seven siblings and his parents are officials in Kabul.” An expert opinion came to the conclusion that he is obviously a pathological liar (“pseudologist”). This is probably also how he manages to deceive authorities.

The most recent judgment against A. is not yet final. This is also the last chance for the time being to get rid of the man.

“At present he is still in custody. This is an extremely favourable time for deportation”, a prison expert told the tabloid BILD. “If he goes into custody, he will serve the four years here.”


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