Syrian asylum seeker stabs German homeless man to death

In the course of an argument, a 33-year-old homeless German man in a shelter for asylum seekers in the community of Meckenbeuren was so severely injured by several knife wounds yesterday early Wednesday morning around 00:30 a.m. that he died at the spot, despite the resuscitation measures initiated by the paramedics. A 26-year-old Syrian suspect initially fled. The police then initiated extensive search measures, which were supported by a police helicopter.The helicopter crew finally identified the suspected perpetrator together with an accompanying person in a bush on the bank of the river Schussen at around 3 a.m. Both were then temporarily detained by police forces. In order to clarify the exact course of the crime, the background of the previous dispute between the German and the Syrian and the possible involvement of others in the dispute, the Friedrichshafen criminal police directorate has set up an investigation team. –

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