Germany: Once again a refugee stabbed a woman to death

In a refugee shelter in the Hamburg district of Langenhorn, a 27-year-old man is said to have stabbed a 25-year-old woman on Monday evening. The refugee shelter is located in a wooded area near the street Jugendparkweg. In a ground floor apartment, the man is said to have stabbed first his former spouse and then himself. After the attack, the accused had apparently run out of the house wounded and then returned. The blood stains along the footpath to the woods are evidence of this.The ambulance services were called around 10 pm. Paramedics had to resuscitate the man and woman in the ambulance. Both were taken to a hospital. In the hospital the 25-year-old woman died of her severe injuries.The police had sent 23 patrol cars to the housing estate. At dusk the officers set up a mobile searchlight pole. In the floodlight, forensic experts climbed through the open window of the apartment. There the officers discovered a knife, the suspected murder weapon. Some residents watched the operation, standing at the windows or on the football field in front of the accommodation. The homicide squad took over the investigation.,langenhorn194.html?fbclid=IwAR2yziSxPcE-mrtO7fGSeHEEUj_5Hmdxm9PEtUjBjzeCh4E_aGM7OrAKQ9E

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