Germany: 15-year-old pregnant after gang rape by Muslims

It’s a case that leaves you speechless: In December 2017, four men raped a schoolgirl at a party in Hanover and videotaped it. The victim Samantha B. was only 15 years old at the time. Two of the four accused were sentenced in Hanover today: Ivan M. will be imprisoned for two years and five months, Feyzel S. for two years and three months.Samantha and her alleged torturers celebrated together at a party. There the then 15-year-old had sexual relations with several men. However, during the night so much alcohol is said to have flowed that the schoolgirl was completely defenceless and dazed.Four men then raped the then 15-year-old jointly. “The four men are said to have taken advantage of the victim’s inability to resist and sexually abused her”, court spokesman Koray Freudenberg said in an interview with RTL television.The four perpetrators recorded the gang rape on film. According to the court, this video was a decisive factor in the conviction of the men. The footage proves that Samantha B. was completely disoriented by the alcohol and had no chance to defend herself against the sexual abuse.

“The video shows my client being raped by four men in a row. They patted her in the face and she did not react,” said lawyer Björn Nordmann.

Only two of the four suspected men were convicted today in Hanover. Muhammed A, who is now 19 years old, lives in Austria and was sentenced there last year to a suspended sentence of six months.

Mostafa E. is still a resident of Lebanon and therefore could not appear in court today. According to the court spokesman, he visited his sick mother there. Since there are no flights from Lebanon to Germany at the moment, he could not appear at the court hearing. He will probably have to stand trial in July in another court case. The schoolgirl became pregnant by one of the men. She moved with her child into a mother-child facility. At the court in Hanover, the meanwhile 18-year-old appeared as a joint plaintiff. “I can only hope that the relationship between my client and her daughter will be as good as possible in the future and that the little one will have the best possible future ahead of her,” said her lawyer in an interview with the television station RTL.

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