Refugee hotel staff knew in advance of concerns re: Glasgow stabber

The Scottish government has told the British Home Office that it wants a “thorough investigation” to be launched into the treatment of asylum seekers in Glasgow, following a stabbing incident that left six wounded.

The attacker was a Sudanese man who was shot dead by police. Now claims have emerged that staff at the Park Inn hotel, where around 380 asylum seekers are being held, already knew that the stabber should be closely monitored due to mental health concerns.

The Guardian reports that refugee homelessness charity Positive Action in Housing is calling for an independent investigation into conditions for refugees, who have apparently been regularly complaining about “the quality of food provided, difficulties with physical distancing and hygiene in communal areas, and a lack of cash that makes it impossible to buy mobile phone top-ups to keep in touch with lawyers and family.”

Staff working at other locations where refugees are being housed have reportedly also expressed concern and two sites have stepped up their security precautions in the wake of recent events.

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