America is Racist So I’m Moving to Germany

Okay then.

‘I’m leaving and I’m just not coming back’: Fed up with racism, Black Americans head overseas – USA Today

Anthony Baggette knew the precise moment he had to get out: He was driving by a convenience store in Cincinnati when a police officer pulled him over. There had been a robbery. He fit the description given by the store’s clerk: a Black man.

Okunini Ọbádélé Kambon knew: He was arrested in Chicago and accused by police of concealing a loaded gun under a seat in his car. He did have a gun. But it was not loaded. He used it in his role teaching at an outdoor skills camp for inner-city kids. Kambon also had a license. The gun was kept safely in the car’s trunk.

Baggette lives in Germany, Drayton in Trinidad and Tobago, Kambon in Ghana.

In Ghana, where Kambon is involved in a program that encourages descendants of the African diaspora to return to a nation where centuries earlier their ancestors were forced onto slave ships, he says he is one of “several thousand.” Kambon rejects descriptors such as “Black American” or “African American” that identify him with the USA. 

Moving to Germany because you think America is racist is like moving to Arizona because you think New Jersey is too hot. 

Kambon has already been the subject of multiple news stories. Ghana does have a program encouraging African-Americans to move there. But Ghana, like most African countries, has tribal divisions and there is tribal discrimination.

And if you don’t like the US prison system, Ghana’s really gives you something to think about, like using some prisoners dubbed the Black Coats to beat other inmates.

But moving is an honest response to hating this country. Staying and wrecking it is a dishonest one.

That said, America, currently, is about as tolerant and free as it gets. No other country is going to match that.

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