Melinda Gates: Blacks Should Get COVID-19 Treatment First, Before Elderly

Liberal rule will mean a rigidly stratified society based on race, much like Nazi Germany, but with the least successful racial groups perversely placed at the top of the power structure.

Consider healthcare. Elizabeth Warren would likely be running the country next January, were she able to convince people that she really is a Woman of Color, thereby securing the VP slot under the cognitively dysfunctional Joe Biden. She has called for a healthcare system that prioritizes blacks above whites.

Warren isn’t alone in her racist views. Bill Gates has spent vast fortunes promoting the leftist agenda. His wife Melinda of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation believes that a vaccine for COVID-19 should go first to blacks. Seriously:

“Here in the United States, it’s going to be Black people who really should get it first and many indigenous people, as well as people with underlying symptoms, and then elderly people.”

Prioritizing the elderly makes sense, because the disease is much more likely to kill them. But old people will have to wait in line until People of Politically Preferred Pigmentation have been served. Because moonbattery.

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