WATCH: Civil war-like scenes in Vienna, Austria – Turks fighting against Antifa

Yesterday, Thursday, there were also violent scenes between Turks and Kurds in the Vienna district of Favoriten. On the Kurdish side, extremists of the so-called Antifa were involved. When Kurds and Antifa barricaded themselves in the communist Ernst-Kirchweger-Haus (EKH), it was attacked and besieged by hundreds of attackers with projectiles. A balcony was also set on fire. In the end, the police, hated and fought by the left-wing extremists, had to escort the Antifa to safety.Already on Wednesday there had been violent acts in the course of a Kurdish demonstration.

According to the left-wing media, this demonstration would have been attacked by “Turkish Grey Wolves”. The mentioned group is loyal to Erdogan and in principle fights anything and everything outside a conservative Turkish-Islamic line. The mainstream press wants to fabricate a “left against right” struggle from the conflict. In fact, it is likely to be another conflict imported from abroad, which is now being fought on Austrian soil.The salute of the “Grey Wolves” – a special hand signal – is now illegal in Austria. With this, the grouping among each other shows affiliation, and is used to intimidate outsiders. During the greeting, a “wolf’s head” is formed with the hand, whereby two raised fingers are supposed to stand for Islam and the Turks. The remaining fingers are to express the demand of the Turkish Islam to the rest of the world. The main enemy images of Turkish nationalists are Kurds, Jews, Christians, Armenians, Greeks, Communists, Freemasons, the EU, the Vatican and the United States.On the other hand, in Austria, left-wing and extreme left-wing groups have for decades shown solidarity with the concerns of the Kurdish Workers’ Party PKK. This party is also considered a terrorist organisation in the EU. This also explains the proximity between left-wing extremist groups such as Antifa and communist Kurdish groups in Vienna that are prepared to use violence. What exactly is the trigger for the current tensions has not yet been revealed. In any case, the two opposing camps have now been fighting each other for two days. On Thursday this led to a siege and an attack on the Ernst Kirchweger House. This was occupied by anarchists around 1990. In the meantime, the occupation has been changed to a legal status. Several left-wing extremist and communist groups have rented into the house, and there are numerous projects and associations, some of which are supported by public funds.A first attack by Turkish nationalists on the EKH is known to have taken place on the 30th of July 2016, when Turks stormed the grounds, disrupted an event and started a fire. The riots since the 25th of June are the climax of the smouldering conflict so far. The attack on the EKH is said to have started around 10:00 pm. Within a very short time, the left-wing radicals, who otherwise incited extreme violence against the police, called in Twitter messages full of fear and panic for help from the state authorities. The latter arrived in large numbers and first of all protected the fire brigade during the extinguishing work on the façade of the building. Around 11:00 p.m., the left-wing extremists announced that they would organise a “spontaneous rally” in front of the EKH. In fact, however, they were escorted by strong police forces from the area towards the subway, as you can see in our video. In the process, it was possible to strictly separate the hostile parties to the conflict.

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