Germany: Turk Mithat knocked a policeman unconscious – Now he is begging for a lenient sentence

When he saw the pictures from the riot night in Stuttgart, he was reminiscent of the attack on himself. “That was a strange feeling,” said the police officer (29 years old) on Wednesday at the Freiburg Regional Court.

The Turkish man Mithat O. (22 years old, previously convicted of theft, threat, assault) had jumped the policeman in August 2019 with his knee against his head, but was already sentenced to three and a half years in prison by the Freiburg District Court at the end of January.

Now the 22-year-old is begging for a more lenient sentence at the regional court.

The crime happened on August 14, 2019 at about 9 pm. “It had come to a quarrel between my father, my brother and me”, the accused has his defense counsel declare.”I became angry and violent. Neither my brother nor I wanted the police to intervene in our fight.”While Mithat O. looked into the auditorium and smiled at his family members, the defense counsel continued to read: “In my rage I ran off and into the police officers. My brother called me. I acted spontaneously and quickly. “I am very sorry for the harm my behavior has caused.”

With full force he rammed his knee against the head of the police officer, who collapsed unconscious.

The 43-year-old colleague of the chief of police was also hit: “I thought a train was going to knock me down”, he told the judge on Wednesday. “The blow went just past my face. Then I saw my colleague lying lifeless on the ground. Blood was running from his mouth. I shouted, “Buddy, buddy, what’s wrong?”The other two police officers tried to arrest Mithat O. On the recordings of their body cams, one of the policemen with his gun drawn ordered the Turk to lie down on the floor. Mithat O. just replied: “Shoot me”.

The seriously injured police officer was taken to the hospital with a bruised jaw, concussion, laceration, bruises and abrasions. “I was worried that I couldn’t do my job anymore,” he told the judge.

On Thursday the judge wants to deliver a verdict.

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