Ban on alcohol is supposed to appease Allahu Akbar shouting and vandalizing migrant community in Stuttgart

With a strange-looking proposal, German authorities now want to prevent a reoccurrence of the devastation of the weekend: A ban on alcohol in downtown Stuttgart should fix it.

Up to 500 people recently rioted in Stuttgart, and numerous videos show both the extent and the fact that mainly immigrants took part. Later, even the police admitted that among 24 arrested – eight are in custody – the majority had an immigrant background and that a ” multicultural mix throughout the world” was responsible for the riots.However, one obviously doesn’t want to completely separate oneself from the initial and much-criticized narrative of the “party scene” that is supposed to be responsible for the devastation. Because in the black-green governed Baden-Württemberg they now want to work out a ten-point concept.According to the newspaper Krone, the measures include not only the usual control measures and video surveillance but also bans on alcohol and residency in the catalogue.State Interior Minister Thomas Strobl of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) also wants to support the city of Stuttgart in developing its own security concept. He gave the following reasons for his push for restricted zones: “I hope the night from Saturday to Sunday has opened some eyes.” Whether he is among those who now see, may the well-disposed observer judge for himself…

In fact, the arrested persons were found to be heavily intoxicated. A 23-year-old man had about 2.23 per thousand alcohol in his blood. In view of documented “Allahu Akbar” shouts, however, the question arises whether such a ban really works. Because drinking alcohol would be “haram” – i.e. religiously forbidden – at least for the Muslims among the rioters anyway…

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