Almost all Stuttgart vandals in a photographic evidence would have a “dark-skinned” or “southern” appearance, claims the Lord Mayor of Tübingen, Germany

In connection with the serious riots in Stuttgart, Tübingen’s Lord Mayor Boris Palmer has pointed out what he considers to be “some peculiarities” among the rioters. A press photo of the Schlossplatz square from the night in question shows a large group of people. The photo was apparently taken before the riots, police officers cannot be spotted. According to Palmer, 90 percent of the people in the photo are “young men. Almost all of them, however, have an appearance that would be described in the police report as “dark-skinned” or “southern””, he could hardly detect “white men”, and he could also see women “at best as a minority below 10 percent”.The Green politician, who in the past has already attracted attention on several occasions for controversial statements, continues to write: “Racism? Or perhaps a reason to take a closer look and ask why, after the drug control of a boy with an immigrant background, so many people suddenly joined forces against the police?Meanwhile, Thomas Berger, deputy head of the Stuttgart police headquarters, reported that twelve of the 24 arrested persons were German. Three of them had a migration background. According to Berger, the other detainees come from Bosnia, Portugal, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan, among other countries.

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