WATCH: Rioters in Germany Shout “Allahu Akbar”

Once upon a time, we lived in a world in which terrible things generally stayed  within certain borders, but with the magic of the internet, terrible ideas spread everywhere. Like, let’s riot, burn, smash, and loot. And so America’s riots became Europe’s riots.

Here’s the party scene in the German city of Stuttgart.

 Sunday, midnight. The violence explodes. “Windows were demolished, the pavement torn open, the stones thrown at police officers,” said local resident Matthias Grohe. “It was a war-like situation.”

Rioters, masked with balaclavas and scarves, break shop windows, carry away what they can carry. Alarm systems howl, glass splinters.

 A man in a green vest throws in the rear window of a police car and pulls out equipment. The crowd cheers and applauds. When an officer wrestles a riot to the ground, a hooded man comes running and kicks the policeman off the suspect with full force.

Police deputy Thomas Berger said yesterday: Of the 24 detainees, 12 were Germans, three with a migration background. The other half comes from. a. from Bosnia, Portugal, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan. They are “from the party scene”, which has been boasting of aggressive behavior against the police on social media for weeks.

A video shows how rioters shout “Allahu Akbar!” In the city center. 

The war continues. Sometimes it goes under various names such as mental illness, drug use, or riots, but it’s one war.

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