After the lockdown starts the Western countdown to the great disintegration

by Giulio Meotti

“The world will be the same but worse after the virus,” wrote the French novelist Michel Houellebecq. He was right. Western civilization came out from lockdown to start a kind of countdown and it is now disintegrating along racial, religious and cultural lines.

“The class struggle disappears in favor of the racial war. It joins and competes with political Islam. An explosive cocktail.” This is Manuel Valls, the former French prime minister, to Valuers Actuelles magazine. “In the neighborhoods, the collapse of the Communist Party, the loss of influence of the Church, the atomization of society adds to the dilution of left-wing universalist thinking. Human rights associations have been lost and have opened the doors to Tariq Ramadan (…) It is folly to want to impose this reading of ‘white privilege’. Part of the left and the its leaders fed on American communitarianism. They are trying to impose on us, everywhere in Europe, a culture of anti-racism or feminism which is a dangerous neo-puritanism.”

Mr. Valls goes to the heart of the current troubles: Islamization and the loss of entire pieces of territory and European culture are welded to the anti-Western historical revenge carried out by pieces of white Western multiculturalism on behalf of the minorities – and a frightening masochistic sense of guilt.

Many enjoy watching the West burning.

The US is experiencing a wave of racial hatred for political cynical electoral reasons and for an ideological willing to dismantle “White privilege”, read it as Western civilization.

The Europe we knew is over. We have been made to realize that by the scenes from Dijon, once the beautiful capital of French Burgundy. Today it looks like Mogadishu. It is a war between Chechen and Maghreb bands. They shoot one another in broad daylight. They chase each other with swords. They block traffic. They attack cars. They perform raids and patrols. They fear nothing, certainly not the French state or the police.

In these images there is everything, the point of no return of many European countries, the appalling damage of mass immigration, the abandonment of entire cities and neighborhoods, the failure of multiculturalism. The rise of antisemitism. These are the new barbarian invasions. Hard to hope it ends well.

In the last few hours, as I write this, the statue of Columbus is being pulled down by the California Congress and the David Hume monument in Edinburgh has been vandalized.

Free speech is almost over. Take J.K. Rowling, the British writer of “Harry Potter”. She dared to say that men and women exist and gender ideology is a threat to sexual difference. She was lynched as a “femi-Nazi” and nobody in the mainstream media had the courage to stand up for her.

Today cultural destruction is politically correct. The blind destructive fury of this primitive iconoclasm, this delusion of self-hatred that has conquered the media and the political establishment, is the attempt to wipe out not only an entire culture, but its very memory, and replace it with infernal dogmas.

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