Germany: Syrians stabbing tram passengers

A 27-year-old German man was seriously injured yesterday evening around 6:30 pm on tram line 109 on Steeler Street in Essen. The man was on the tram along with other passengers when two apparently alcoholized men got on at the Schwanenbusch stop. They were two 22- and 24-year-old Syrian brothers who live in Essen. As soon as they boarded the train, one of the men spat at a woman and pushed another passenger to the side. In the tram, both persons screamed, stood on their seats and hit the windows. When the later victim tried to call the police, he was immediately attacked by the aggressors.One of the men pulled a knife and stabbed the man several times. The man suffered stab wounds in his arms, neck and shoulder, which had to be treated in hospital. When the called police officers arrived, one of the perpetrators struck another passenger. Only by using pepper spray could both men be overpowered and arrested. One of the arrested men kicked an officer and injured him. Another officer was slightly injured during the resisting actions.A blood sample was taken from both accused at the police station. They were then taken into police custody. The criminal investigation department is currently investigating the background of the facts. Fortunately, the injured person was not critically injured. In the meantime he was able to leave the hospital.

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