Death threats against an Austrian politician because of statements critical of the Koran

After his statements on Tuesday that the Koran is more dangerous than the Corona virus, the head of the Freedom Party (FPÖ), Norbert Hofer, says he is confronted with countless insults and death threats in social media. This shows that his words “may not have been completely without foundation”, the party leader sees his criticism confirmed.In the APA interview, Hofer reported death threats and insults in “the worst kind as well”, mainly on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or via direct messages. In numerous contributions – including the APA transmitted by the Freedom Party – the Freedom Party leader is called a ” son of a bitch” who “will burn in hell”. Several users also expressed the hope that Hofer would “die”. Others made themselves more explicit: “If one day one finds you dead on the street, don’t be surprised,” wrote one user, for example.Hofer also said he would take legal action: “I won’t put up with anyone threatening to kill me.”It’s a misguided community trying to put me under pressure. Although he had not expected it, he was not shocked and would certainly “not let himself be banned from speaking” by “oh so peace-loving people”.The collected evidence, which is constantly increasing, will be handed over to the security authorities as well as to the legal representation, the Freedom Party said. At the same time, Hofer reported “very, very many responses from Austrians” to his appearance, which were positive.Hofer has “no understanding at all” for negative criticism of his statements from politics or from religious leaders. “I would like people to develop a certain sensitivity to certain undesirable developments,” he rather said. “If I had said similar things about the Bible, those people who are now agitated would probably have remained silent,” said Hofer, who is faced with two charges of incitement and vilification of religious teachings. For him it was clear that it was always about the interpretation of the Koran.You can find some problematic texts in the Bible, “but we have experienced humanism and the Age of Enlightenment,” he said.

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