The Muslim conquest of a city using the example of Pforzheim, Germany

A serial offender of Afghan origin has been causing a stir in the Baden-Swabian migrant town of Pforzheim for some time now. He is considered the ringleader of a not inconsiderable number of like-minded suburban antisocial people and notorious immigrant proles. When practicing their oriental masculinity rituals, they regularly test the official restrictions.On the market place of Kabul or Beirut as well as in the pedestrian zone of Pforzheim. Or in any other German city.Mostly simple minds with a limited knowledge space. Beating, breaking and entering, drug dealing, chasing women.Macho behaviour everywhere. Going after the weaker ones from outside the group.We know enough about their partly religiously motivated demonstrations of power and dodgy games.In addition, the stereotypes of Muslim masculinity that always seem the same. You can only turn disgusted when confronted with them. Symptomatic, as it were: the increasingly submissive response of the alarmed police forces – even more submissive in the face of the debate on racism. In this case almost deplorable:The newspaper Pforzheimer-Zeitung reports after one of the usual “men’s group” brawls last week:

“Of the group, only the young Afghan boy was remaining after the beating when the police arrived. In the meantime, about 50 more people had gathered around the young man, who was shouting loudly and ignoring the police measures. Because he had permanently heated up the atmosphere from within the group, Weber said, his colleagues had urged him to calm down […] gesticulating loudly towards a female officer. He had insulted the officer and told her that he would not let a woman tell him anything.

Admonished to calm down. How thoughtful of the police. One can almost feel sorry for them, the police officers in their almost comical looking helplessness. A well-known top criminal, aggressive as a predator and with a long criminal record “admonish to calm down”, sounds something like: “Please don’t hurt us. We do not want anything from you. Just be reasonable.” The balance of power couldn’t be more clearly stated.

The rules on the streets, in pedestrian zones and urban areas are thus more and more defined by the immigrant tribal proletarian cultures from the Orient, Turkey and Africa. Soon these AGGRO packs will successfully adopt the patterns of the African-American ghetto inhabitants – and play the racism victim card perfectly. In their circles, where passing a driver’s license test is already the highest level of intellectual education, this is worth a lot. With it, they can maintain what they believe is a lack of respect and tolerance in the future by beating us up – and no one will dare to intervene, let alone condemn them for it.

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