WATCH: “Allahu Akbar!” – a Tunisian riots in Rimini, Italy

In the port area of Rimini a Tunisian rioted in the night from Thursday to Friday, accompanied by a 37-year-old Brazilian woman, the whole thing lasted about two hours, according to The couple – as later investigations revealed, they were under the influence of alcohol and drugs – made their own “show” by arguing angrily in the street and even blocking car traffic: they threw chairs, flower boxes and garbage containers on the floor. The climax was when the Tunisian swung two pieces of chairs and slammed them together and said “Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!” shouted.The arrival of the police brought a little calm, but not without difficulties, because the officers had a lot to do to calm down the North African and the South American who were resisting. The Tunisian shouted: “Italy is shit, Allahu Akbar! If you touch me, I’ll report you to the police, you’re just assholes!”After they were brought to the police station in handcuffs, both were arrested for resisting and injuring law enforcement officers and damaging property, and were therefore tried in a trial in the morning. After the judge confirmed the arrest, he ordered a prohibition to remain in Rimini for the Tunisian and Brazilian.

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