Germany: Judge releases dangerous Islamist from deportation custody because of Corona

Because a deportation was not possible because of the Corona virus a judge finally released an Islamist perpetrator.

By the security authorities, M. is classified as an Islamist. According to information from security authorities, he is part of a networked group that is the focus of the authorities. M. was in prison for dangerous bodily harm. He is said to have strangled his wife to unconsciousness in the presence of the children. Allegedly there were also death threats against his family, who are now in the witness protection program.

The deportation prison at Kirchhainer Damm in Berlin district Lichtenrade can theoretically be shut down! According to the newspaper B.Z., the prison has been completely vacant since May 11th …

A judge had decided that the Chechen dangerous man M. would be released. The reason: his deportation was cancelled because the legal deadline was not met!

M. was released. Because of the Corona measures, the passport replacement papers had not been issued by the country of origin. As the Senate Interior Administration stated in response to a B.Z. inquiry, “the legally prescribed prognosis for the timely execution of the deportation could not have been sufficiently explained”. The management of the deportation prison informed the next police station about the release, because M. was to receive a warning to troublemakers beforehand.But there were language barriers. At some point, an officer of a task force was found who spoke Russian.

M. is above all considered a great danger for his wife and children who live in the witness protection program. It is unclear where he is at the moment and whether he is being monitored by the police.

A spokesman for the administration: “Deportations that could not be carried out in the past weeks due to special circumstances are to be carried out in the future.” –

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