Sweden overtakes China in Covid-19 deaths but BLM riots in Gothenburg

China’s official death toll for Covid-19 currently stands at 4 634 for the entire country. Sweden is at 4 656 fatalities.

Critics say that comparing numbers may not be accurate, but the fact is that China has about 1,4 billion people, 140 times more than Sweden.

Even if some misreporting is taken into account, it is difficult to explain a 140 times higher mortality rate per capita.

The death rate is bound to spike too, after violent Black Lives Matter protests in Gothenburg and Stockholm, with mobs attacking the police, pelting them with stones and looting.

Despite the current restrictions on gatherings of more than of 50 people, some 3 000 protesters took to the streets in Gothenburg.

​According to the Swedish daily Aftonbladet, the rioters attacked a reporter. The police said many of the rioters were of immigrant descent.

“It is young people from the suburbs who take this opportunity and riot”, police spokesman Christer Fuxborg told the newspaper. “In our opinion, these are individuals who are here to destroy”, Fuxborg added. “Right now I don’t feel so proud to be a resident of Gothenburg”, he added.

“The only purpose, what I understand, is that they want to confront the authorities and deal out damage”, Fredrik Dahlgren of the Gothenburg Police said.

Sweden’s national broadcaster incredulously blurred the faces of rioters to protect their identity.

[Tweet translated: Do the police in other countries also back down for the mob in entire platoons, or is it part of the unique, Swedish model?]

[Tweet translated: Welcome to the multicultural Aftonbladet. This is what “racists” warned you about for decades. ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯]


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