This photograph is of a shipment of bricks placed in a square in advance of a planned riot in Düsseldorf planned for TODAY

The conversation between someone who had to work in the area and security personnel went like this:

“a woman dropped off a relative for a first aid course at the Main Train Station in Düsseldorf:

‘We got there a little earlier to check out the scene in front of the main entrance. Lo and behold, the brick fairy had been there. We took pictures of the nice pile of bricks from the conveniently timed “construction”.I asked the First Aid instructor what security measures he would be taking for the demonstration today. He responded with,What demonstration?’. He was uniformed and disinterested. His response was,‘Let them demonstrate’.I asked the barista at Starbucks if he knew about the BLM demonstration at 2pm? Nope.I went up to a police officer. He was the only one that knew about it. I saw several police patrolling already at 8:30 in the morning.My conversation with the police officer was interesting. I told him [my young relative] was taking a First Aid course today until 4pm. I asked if he knew when the demonstration would be over and what area would be blocked off.He said he wasn’t psychic and it all depended on the demonstrators.I asked him about whether the demonstration was registered and if there wasn’t a specific time period for demonstration to end.Same answer.I told him my [spouse] would be picking my [young relative] up and asked if he could tell me which street would be blocked off.He couldn’t (wouldn’t) tell me and suggested my [relative] take the public transport home or that we pick them up somewhere else in the city.I asked if the demonstration will only take place in front of the train station.He said that depended on the demonstrators.I asked if the police wouldn’t make sure they don’t leave the area.He said that the police wouldn’t contain them because that might provoke a violent reaction.I mentioned the pile of bricks.He said the police assume that it will be a “peaceful” demonstration.I retorted with, ‘like in the U.S.? Eleven people died.’He repeated, ‘We assume it will be peaceful.’I asked, “If it isn’t, will the police stop it?”He said, “Then there will be ugly pictures on the news tonight.”

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