Iraqi refugee murdered his wife in Germany – Now it comes out that he had already murdered his other wife in the Netherlands

In the early morning of Shrove Monday a 42-man, of Iraqi origin, is said to have killed his wife (30 years old) in Dortmund.

When his wife was discovered by the police in an apartment in downtown Dortmund, the officers soon assumed that she had been killed. The husband was arrested on the spot. Now terrifying further information about the suspected perpetrator’s past became known.

The autopsy of the woman’s body already revealed in February that the “30-year-old Iraqi woman died due to massive violence against her neck. At the scene of the crime, the husband, in response to a question from investigators, said his wife had tried to take his children away. Since then, however, the 42-year-old has remained silent on the case, reports the newspaper “WAZ”.

The couple had married in Iraq in 2011 and had given birth to four children there. In 2017 the family moved to Stolberg near Aachen. They lived in Germany with a temporary residence permit until the end.The 42-year-old had already become violent towards his wife in the past. She and her children first fled to a women’s shelter. They then moved into the apartment on the street Viktoriastraße in Dortmund. According to “WAZ”, the 30-year-old voluntarily hosted her husband again only a few weeks before the crime.

In the meantime, it has become known that the Iraqi has apparently already committed another murder. The mother of four was his second wife. He is said to have killed his first wife in the Netherlands. There he was even in prison before he married the second wife.

Since his arrest, the man is now in custody. He is represented by a lawyer. There is no date set for the trial yet.

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