Switzerland: Knife attack in Basel suburban train – Suddenly the Somali stabbed

It’s Wednesday evening, shortly after 8 pm: a fierce argument breaks out on the suburban train S3 from Basel to Olten. According to the Baselbieter police, the two people have only verbally argued the dispute at first.

However, as time goes by, the dispute becomes more and more intense. The skirmish escalates shortly at the Frenkendorf stop. Suddenly one of the opponents pulls out a knife and stabs the victim several times.

When the suburban train stops in Frenkendorf, the perpetrator flees with a buddy in an unknown direction. The severely injured victim remains on the train until Liestal. There he is supported by other passengers until the ambulance arrives. The man had to be taken to hospital with several stab wounds.

The suspected perpetrator, a 21-year-old Somali, as well as his 18-year-old buddy from Ethiopia, were caught near the Frenkendorf train station. Criminal proceedings have been initiated by the responsible authorities.


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