Italian doctor sows confusion about the pandemic

An Italian doctor has claimed that the Coronavirus is no longer present on Italian soil. He wants the administration to stop unnecessarily “terrorizing” the country.

“In reality, the virus no longer exists clinically in Italy.” Doctor Alberto Zangrillo, famous for taking care of former head of government Silvio Berlusconi, declared on May 31 on RAI that it was “time to stop terrorizing this country” because” the samples taken during the last ten days showed an absolutely infinitesimal viral load in quantitative terms compared to those taken a month or two months ago”.

This is a highly problematic statement for the government and the healthcare community. The undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Sandra Zampa, estimated that while awaiting “scientific evidence to support the thesis of the disappearance of the virus”, she invited “those who say they are convinced of this thesis not to sow seeds confusion among Italians”.

As for the boss of the National Health Council, Franco Locatelli, he said he was “disconcerted”, and commented: “Just look at the number of new positive cases confirmed each day to see the persistent circulation in Italy of the new Coronavirus”.

Indeed, the figure varies between 300 to 500 new contaminations every day, according to reports in the media. As of Sunday, May 31, almost 400 new cases were identified, most of them in Lombardy.

Giuseppe Ippolito, director of the Spallazani Institute of Infectious Diseases in Rome, also ruled that there was no scientific evidence that the virus had mutated or decreased in power.

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