Germany: Moroccan man laid son on mattress and set fire to it!

In a burning apartment in Lennestadt ( North Rhine-Westphalia ) the fire brigade found a dead boy (3) in early May. The father (33) was soon suspected of having killed his son. Investigators are now assuming that the murder was insidious.

According to current findings, the father is said to have choked or strangled the child, said Rainer Hoppmann of the Siegen public prosecutor’s office on Wednesday. It was unclear whether these injuries had already been fatal. The newspaper “Westfalenpost” had reported earlier.

He is said to have laid the severely injured child on a mattress in a storage room and set the mattress on fire. He had presumably used accelerants in the process. Investigators do not assume that the child was still conscious.

The child’s father and mother had separated more than a year ago, Hoppmann said. Since then, with the mother’s consent, the infant had already made several short visits to the Moroccan-born man.

After he had started the fire in his apartment, he had jumped out of the window – presumably to kill himself. Dangerously injured, emergency services found him outside the house. The man is reportedly still in the prison hospital.

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