Germany: Four Muslims attack a waiter with chair legs and knives because he previously prevented them from harassing guests at a graduation ceremony

Amar A., Irschad G., Mohammed V. and Arman N. are men you do not have to invite, but you can invite. They came to the graduation ball on the evening of June 24, 2019, in Hofheim’s community hall, even though they were not invited – which may also be due to the fact that the young men aged between 21 and 24 never graduated from high school. They have been summoned to their trial at the Frankfurt Regional Court, where they are charged with life-threatening bodily injury, and they are appearing anyway – which may also be due to the fact that they are being held in custody and will be brought before the court. According to the prosecution, Amar A. and Irschad G., who are as drunk as high school graduates (1.1 and 1.5 per thousand), are loitering in front of the community hall in the early evening of the school dance and are surprising the male ball guests by crashing into them with a remote-controlled model car. They compliment the young ladies like “Horny ass!” and ask them as politely as possible within the bounds of their possibilities: “Do you want to fuck with me? But they only meet with real interest by two security men and the waiter of a neighbouring restaurant, who criticise the hustle and bustle of the dynamic duo and have to be called “wankers” and “assholes” by them. After a doomed attempt to “appeal to their common sense”, the 42-year-old waiter gets a punch in the face by A., while G. tries to push him down a nine-step staircase. The security men then force the boys to the ground and call the police.Amar A. in particular is dissatisfied with the overall situation. He explains to the waiter that he has just “made a mistake”, they “now know where he works” and will soon return to “send him to the cockroaches”. The police give the two angry men a brief warning and let them go again. Deeply moved by the address, Amar A. went to the refugee accommodation in Kriftel, fetched a one-hand knife from his room and two table legs from the bulky waste of the neighbouring football club and returned to Hofheim, where Irschad G. was already waiting. Arman N., who is celebrating his 21st birthday and is prepared for new experiences, joins the two. And Mohammed V. also has nothing reasonable planned at the moment. Having become a quartet, they dare to ambush the waiter on his way home. But when they ambush him after midnight on the street Elisabethenstraße, the waiter is accompanied by a colleague and the balance of power is precarious. Although the four of them manage to knock the waiter down and his companion flees, and after the chair legs have already done their job, Amar A. pulls out his knife to finish the job. But the waiter is beaten, but not defeated. Lying on the floor, he stands up to A., wrestles him down, snatches the knife from him, turns the tables and calls loudly for help from his friend, the host of a nearby shisha bar. But until he arrives, it is one against all. The outcome of the game is surprising: The waiter suffers two cuts on his hand, Amar A. is hit six times by his own knife. One stab hits Irschad G. in the lung. All three are taken to hospital. The first day of the court is turned into a linguistic tribunal on Tuesday. Arman N.’s defense attorney complains that her client does not understand a single word of the prosecution’s statement, because it is written in Farsi and not in N.’s native language, Dari. Although the interpreters present almost desperately affirm that Dari is merely the term used in Afghanistan for the same thing that is called Farsi in Iran, namely the Persian language, it may be that no language in the world can make N. understand what he is supposed to have done wrong.

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