Harry and Meghan feeling a little concerned about drones in L.A.

By Monica Showalter

As if Los Angeles didn’t have bigger problems, Harry and Meghan, are leaking through friends to the press about their displeasure with all those surveillance drones.

According to the Daily Beast:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are concerned for their family’s safety following multiple incidents at their Hollywood Hills home, where drones have flown as low as 20 feet above their property to snatch photographs of the couple and their young son, Archie.

A source has exclusively told The Daily Beast that the couple has been coping with “unimaginable” levels of press intrusion at their temporary new home, which is reportedly owned by their friend Tyler Perry. It is not known whether the couple is paying rent for the property or not.

The Beast reports that they, or someone in their household or vicinity, has called the cops five times about it.

As if moving to Los Angeles from the depths of the Canadian woods, and setting up house in some celebrity’s 24,500 square foot mansion near Beverly Hills, all for “a quieter life,” as they said, might just bring such a scenario.

It’s all so very … Karen. And pretty ridiculous.

In reality, they’ve got bigger problems. 

Leftists thugs are now openly targeting the celebrity areas of Los Angeles – Brentwood, Hollywood Hills, Bel Air, Beverly Hills. They’re looking at getting paid a visit by the rioters who’ve got looting the rich on their minds — and the looters have already gotten away with it for several nights running. Twitter is loaded with tweets like these:

Which ought to concern them, a lot more than the papparazzi drones they’re complaining about.

Being wokesters, we don’t hear any condemnation of the destruction of the metropolis from the likes of this pair,at all,  any more than we do from the other Hollywood celebs, including the lost souls who are loudly declaring their plans to pay the bail of “protestors,” meaning, thugs caught looting, given that those are the only ones getting arrested. Does Chrissie Teigen feel secure in her digs in those parts? Does Ariana Grande? How about all the other celebrity leftists loudly speaking out in favor of the rioters?

That it’s no protection against the plans of the thugs says a lot about the celebrities’ naivete. That these are the very celebs who virtue-signal their fealty to the looters, who have been wreaking mayhem on poor shopkeepers already weakened by the coronavirus, is a story in itself. Despite celebrity statements of support, looters and rioters are targeting them anyway, it’s no protection. It almost looks like a grotesque celebrity bid to appease crocodiles in the hopes they’ll be eaten last. 

Meghan’s a pinhead and undoubtedly knows nothing about history, but Harry of all people, Prince Harry, might just know a whiff of what could come down the pike as mobs circle their part of town looking for booty and cops stay on the sidelines.

Back in 1789. the mobs had a good time marching on Versailles, invading the grounds, demanding audiences for their political grievances, getting a little, getting mad, and after getting away with this first raid, eventually went on to pick off a few royals and march around with their heads on pikes.

Here’s a Lumen Learning course refresher:

On the morning of October 5, 1789, women in the marketplaces of Paris were near rioting over the high price and scarcity of bread. Their demonstrations quickly became intertwined with the activities of revolutionaries seeking liberal political reforms and a constitutional monarchy for France.

At the end of the Ancien Régime, the fear of famine became an ever-present dread for the lower strata of the Third Estate. Rampant rumors of a conspiracy theory held that foods, especially grain, were purposely withheld from the poor for the benefit of the privileged (the Pacte de Famine). Stories of a plot to destroy wheat crops in order to starve the population provoked the so-called Great Fear in the summer of 1789.

Despite its post-revolutionary mythology, the march was not a spontaneous event. Speakers at the Palais-Royal mentioned it regularly and the idea of a march on Versailles had been widespread. The final trigger came from a royal banquet held on October 1 at which the officers at Versailles welcomed the officers of new troops, a customary practice when a unit changed its garrison. The royal family briefly attended the affair. The lavish banquet was reported in newspapers as nothing short of a gluttonous orgy. Worst of all, the papers dwelt scornfully on the reputed desecration of the tricolor cockade; drunken officers were said to have stamped upon this symbol of the nation and professed their allegiance solely to the white cockade of the House of Bourbon. This embellished tale of the royal banquet became the source of intense public outrage.

And this, in 1792, after a mob ripped apart then-Queen Marie-Antoinette’s chief lady in waiting, the Princess de Lamballe, who was married to France’s richest man:

 After her death, her corpse was reportedly undressed, eviscerated and decapitated, with its head placed upon a pike.[2] It is confirmed by several witnesses that her head was paraded through the streets on a pike and her body dragged after by a crowd of people shrieking ‘La Lamballe! La Lamballe!’.[2] This procession was witnessed by a M. de Lamotte, who purchased a strand of her hair which he later gave to her father-in-law, as well as by the brother of Laure Junot.[2]

Some reports say that the head was brought to a nearby café where it was laid in front of the customers, who were asked to drink in celebration of her death.[13] Some reports state that the head was taken to a barber in order to dress the hair to make it instantly recognizable,[14] though this has been contested.[12] Following this, the head was put on the pike again and paraded beneath Marie Antoinette’s window at the Temple.[16]

Sound a little familiar? Not a word about this threat from them, which looks a little too real right now. They’re just concerned about the drones.


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